Friday, June 18, 2010


Just checked my bank account.
I've got a little less than $400 left. I've been a little lazy, and spending too much money on snickers and aid climbing gear. I figure I need to save $250 to get home. That leaves $150 for the rest of my trip. I need to go into super-dirtbag climber mode so it will last! I might get a little skinnier than I thought. Why does everything here have to be so expensive?? I think I might visit my friend Brando in Malibu on my way back.. so I probably should save a little money for that also.

I have yet to walk around the base of el cap and come back empty handed. Yesterday I found a small lantern, a nut tool, and a reverso 3.
Today I found what I have been looking for.. a cam hook!! Score! I also found a petzl fifi hook that Mark Hudon recommended.
Climbers: keep those fingers greased! I'm enjoying all your dropped gear.