Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another route on the captain.

Colin and I packed up to climb the salathe wall on el capitan yesterday. It should have taken an hour, but because of the lack of motivation by the heat, it took about 3. Our plan was to pack, and then pre-haul our pig (haul bag) up to heart ledge on pitch 10. Salathe is 35 pitches long, and the pitches that climb up to there are called free blast. There are fixed ropes from the ledge to the ground, so it makes it easier to haul and rappel down. We then planned on climbing free blast this morning, and then staying on the fall for the next few days to finish the route… that didn’t quite end up happening.
Colin and I were sort of on edge with each other all day, and when we were pre hauling, it didn’t get any better. When we got back on the ground around 11pm, we decided to take one more rest day before we headed up. I was super psyched to get on it, but Colin wasn’t ready I guess. Because big wall climbing is such a team effort, it is vital that both of us to be ready so we have the best shot at success. There were also three other groups starting up tomorrow on the same route… this could have made things much more difficult.
I’m getting very anxious. Today is my fourth day without doing anything… Hopefully we head up tomorrow. 

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