Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost Falls.

Yesterday was the second time I did laundry since I've been on my trip. Yea I know.. it's been almost 6 weeks. I use the employee laundry room so that way I don't have to pay for it. While I was waiting for my clothes to dry, I met this cute girl Sarah. She works in the coffee corner in curry. This is one of those friendships where you immediately get to know each other really quick. It's always cool when that happens. She said she gets off work late, but asked if I wanted to do something when she got off. 

I recently moved out of camp 4. Rangers are getting more strict, and more climbers are getting busted for staying there. If I get a ticket ($160), my trip ends. I'm sick of going to sleep stressed about getting caught. I was cooking in the orchard parking lot, and this guy Andrew that I met a few weeks ago came by and told me he had a site in upper pines and I could come stay with him for a few nights. People go to bed later in the pines campgrounds... so I was having trouble sleeping because of the loud people. Midnight came around and I got a text from Sarah. She was off work, and we were going to go on some adventure. 

She took me to the lost falls. It was about a mile bike ride, and a mile hike. It was really incredible. Even though you could only see what was in the beam of our headlamps, it was so awesome. I got back to the campground around 4:30am. I hate staying up late, but this was totally worth it. 

This was the first porcupine I have ever seen. Sweet!

I keep getting bugs on my pants, and I keep taking pictures of them. 

Up next!! I think I'm going to aid solo the west face of leaning tower in a push tomorrow. I'm really bummed because I think I have to bring two ropes to get off the thing. One extra rope adds a lot of extra time and weight. All I have is my lead rope that is now fat and most people wouldn't want to climb on it, and my heavy 11mm haul line. I was hoping there was a walk off.