Friday, March 11, 2011

Things are looking up.

A series of events have recently occurred that i can't help but be excited about. Things are looking up.

In the past week I've been successful sending a few trad routes, some of which I have tried multiple times and others my first attempt. I seem to be climbing better than ever. I finally feel like I'm pulling out of the mental funk that I have stuck in for a while.
I'm sending again, finally.

9 Lives (5.11+) Indian Creek, UT - onsight
Johnny Cat (5.11+) Indian Creek, UT - onsight
Country Club Crack (5.11c) Boulder Canyon - red point
Athletes Feet (5.11) Boulder Canyon - red point
The Gill Crack (5.12a) Boulder Canyon - red point
    My first 5.12 trad send. Even though it's short, it's super hard and painful. (The Beta)

I also just got a brand new apple macbook pro for free (no.. this is not spam). My old computer crashed and somehow apple messed up and didn't fix it, so they just gave me a new one. Happy birthday me!!!

I'm getting ready to head out to Zion in less than a week with my friend Greg. It will be fun to climb with him on his first wall, and climb enormous sandstone! It looks like we are going to be climbing Moonlight Buttress, Touchstone, and Spaceshot, all in 4 days. Psyched!!!

I turn 20 tomorrow. I feel happy where I'm heading in life.

18: In a very unhealthy relationship with a girlfriend, climbed a decent amount, graduated high school and started college
19: Climbed 7 big walls, starting to figure life, spent over 3 months out of the year collectively on climbing trips
20: I don't know what's going to happen yet.. a few plans are starting to formulate. I'm dropping out of CU to become a firefighter, and possibly eventually get into mountain rescue. I'm also looking into becoming a climbing guide. I'm going to try to make this year better than the last.


  1. good job on the gill crack, I tried that on TR today and couldn't get past the second crux. Damn dude I don't think you should drop out, sendology is the most exciting major but it's good to have a backup you know