Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ocean of Noise

Yes! I'm still alive! I'm doing my best to resurrect my blog. I apologize for the lack of words lately. I've been keeping myself busy learning to do all this photo and video stuff. 

My mind has been very cluttered. So much that it's almost too write about. Capturing my life with a camera seems to cause everything to make more sense. 

Colin Simon on Country Club Crack

Boulder clouds

 Upper Dream Canyon

My brother, Jordan Lempe with his glow in the dark painted t-shirt

Colin Simon on Empire of the Fenceless

 blogspot... sometimes you make my pictures pixilated

Will Buckner on Country Club Crack

 Chris Parenteau on Elanor

I'm starting to get the hang of the new camera gear.

Everything in my life seems hard. I feel that self improvement is best learned through challenges, success or failure. Dealing with this day after day is honestly tiring.

More later..