Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Working on the Nose

Super psyched, 2:52 to climb the first 11 pitches. I shaved off over an hour from our previous time on NIAD last spring.

We climbed this section faster than we ever have, but also have a ton of things that we can improve on... I think we can cut off another hour. I climbed really confidently free climbing through the 5.10+ sections belaying myself with a gri gri while Colin speed jugged and cleaned the pitches. 

On the first couple of pitches Colin would only put me on belay for a few minutes before I would down that I was at the next anchor. 
Colin yelled up "Dude!! You're climbing too fast!!!" 

Photo: Tom Evans

Chillin with the bridge crew and Eric Sloan, talking shit about el cap

Photo: Uncle Tom

Tom sniped a shot of us just before we headed up for our run up the first 1/3 of the captain. Note Colin's sick visor shades.