Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tomorrow Will Be A Brighter Day

My mind orbits around relentless obsession. The never ending beating, pounding, excruciating firing of wrong chemicals and neurons. Again, and again, and again it races. It's as if I have am being crushed under the world; the world and life in which I am being dragged through.
I contain the tarnished beauty that cannot be seen no matter how loud I scream.
I'm right here, crying.
I count on tomorrow happening, the day after that happening, the day after that happening.

As I turn the page into a new chapter of my life, good times are going to come. I'm a hidden wreck on the inside. I've cried every single day this past week.
As unbelievably embarrassing it is, my blog is a documentation of my journey.

School is over.
     I can't celebrate because nothing matters.

          Hope is transparent.
               I've lost myself to this sickness. This heart break. This pain.

                    My bags are packed.
                         Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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