Saturday, December 25, 2010

This is the way of the future

Kurt (aka 'Bubbles') leading Rigid Designator (WI 5) in Vail

My first lead on some WI3. Psyched! 
I later led the first pitch of skylight. I placed two screws in bad ice, and slung two ice features.. none of which would have held a fall. Still psyched though! 

Making my way up pic o the vic 

One evidence of one of the many curtains of ice that fell. 

Kurt in action. Falling. 

Our little cabin that we stayed in for $38 a night. For a few nights we had seven people crammed in here.  This obviously is good because we all have to pay less money. 

Me on Troglodyte at the posers lounge off of camp bird road. This trip was my first time ever mixed climbing or dry tooling. Mixed climbing is where you are using your tools on both rock and ice. In the video, it is considered dry tooling, only rock.
It feels like climbing again for the first time.. weird!

Just getting home from a week long ice climbing trip in Ouray, CO, I know am about to leave again.
I'm leaving my house; safe place, comfort. Finely polished wood floors. Perfectly furnished and heated. Fridge and pantry full of food. Family of love and care.

I don't know if what I need right now is to stay home, rest, and recover. Rejuvenating my mind. 
What I feel like I need is to go and live as simple as possible, push my body to its limit, and strengthen my everything. 

Plans are slowly solidifying for yosemite. It looks like we are going to be climbing a steep route on el cap as a team of three with this cool guy Asa (spelling?). Pretty psyched.

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