Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things changing

I'm going to try some new things. Next semester I'm going to go to school part time, and get a part time job. I am also going to start alpine climbing. I'm about to get gear for ice, I'm so psyched.

I'm going to start playing guitar for my brothers band. This kid is so talented. You can download some of his songs for free here.

Everything is hard right now, sorry for the lack of words.


  1. Yo man, it's jack crockett, engineering school sucks. Trust me I know. Just climb big when your off and hit the study train when you're back in school. The best thing anyone should realize is that everyone is smarter than them so they should study twice as hard.
    I got a 40 on my first phys i exam but nutted up and got over a hundred on the next three. Best comeback of my life and i'm a mediocer student.

  2. you're doing a good thing next semester. also, if you're dream is to climb, please keep doing it. you've acomplished things that I could only dream of. And not to praise you, but I do look up to you a lot, cheyne, you're a good person doing some good things.

  3. keep dreaming big
    thank you for the inspiration
    being real and honest
    you are already a model at such a young age..

  4. Sounds AWESOME.
    It gets better. Truly, it does.
    Do what you need to get by.
    and try to find things that make you happy, small or big, and do those.