Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel and Change

The 'No Way Down' blog is coming to an end. I'll be switching over to a new website in the next few weeks where I'll have a more organized way of displaying my images, films, and stories. Lately, my biggest problem has been a cluttered computer filled with too many photos and videos; because of that, I have felt overwhelmed and have neglected this blog. 

Get ready for Viva Patagonia Pt. 2, as I will be traveling down to Patagonia again this winter. I have not only gotten better at the fine craft of crack climbing and personal suffering, but have also updated my camera gear, and have been learning a ton about shooting video and snapping photos. I am unbelievably excited to say the least. 

This disheveled series of photos is void of stories that will be told when my new site develops. Enjoy! 

Events seen in photos:
The Shortest Straw speed record
Native Son
The Prow with my girlfriend Jess
Monkey gig on Free Rider
End of season in Valley, leaving