Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel and Change

The 'No Way Down' blog is coming to an end. I'll be switching over to a new website in the next few weeks where I'll have a more organized way of displaying my images, films, and stories. Lately, my biggest problem has been a cluttered computer filled with too many photos and videos; because of that, I have felt overwhelmed and have neglected this blog. 

Get ready for Viva Patagonia Pt. 2, as I will be traveling down to Patagonia again this winter. I have not only gotten better at the fine craft of crack climbing and personal suffering, but have also updated my camera gear, and have been learning a ton about shooting video and snapping photos. I am unbelievably excited to say the least. 

This disheveled series of photos is void of stories that will be told when my new site develops. Enjoy! 

Events seen in photos:
The Shortest Straw speed record
Native Son
The Prow with my girlfriend Jess
Monkey gig on Free Rider
End of season in Valley, leaving


  1. Love the photos! Gotta make it there sometime.

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  3. good photos Cheyne! I really like that frog.