Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naked Rehab

My friend Colin Simon just back from a 2 month trip from Europe, I'm 3 months out of shape, were both psyched. Climbing rehabilitation in Eldorado Canyon. I followed the first two pitches of this route a few years ago when I first started climbing, but didn't finish the route.

I started us off by leading the first pitch of T2, a 5.8d R pitch, into The Naked Edge. The fall temps numbed my hands, and I was officially pumped. "Wow, this feel great."  

Colin and I swapped leads, and I managed to send all but the last pitch. My forearm muscles screamed as I tryed to get out a stuck cam out. I yelled in frustration because I blew it.
Wow, it feels great to climb again. I am so lucky to live this life.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm headed to the American Alpine Club library to work on applying for the mountain fellowship grant. Rad!