Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Creek

Realizing that my crack addiction has been acting up, I got my priorities in order. Skipped class friday so I could spend 3 days climbing in the creek. The school had given the alpine club some money for 'travel expenses' so no one had to pay for gas. My entire weekend cost about $20 (which included eating out, twice). 
I've been unmotivated to write on my blog so this probably won't be very long

I love going on trips with the alpine club. Hanging out with my great friends doing what I love most brings more joy than I can explain. 

Ryder and I, chillin. 

Kurt (aka Bubbles) on fingers in a light socket (5.11d)

Me on way rambo (5.12a). Almost pulled it. Psyched that Colin got the send, and that I'm finally getting the hang of crack climbing. 

Way Rambo, in the ring lock section.

We ended the trip with some speed climbing on super crack. This was cool. The first time I went to the creek with my friend Scott Bennett, this was my second crack climb ever, took me about 20 minutes. Seriously, not exaggerating. 

I'll admit, crack climbing did not come naturally for me.. at all. Even spending my summer in yosemite, I still didn't feel solid! This was the first time that I actually felt fluid and confident. I'm slowly getting my head back into climbing. It's hard, climbing like shit, no matter how hard I try. 
I'm still being grasped by my depression, but I'm learning slowly how to deal with it. I wouldn't say that it's getting better, it's just changing.