Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back in CO

It feels good to be back. Not quite as good as waking up every morning in the ditch, but still great. My first day climbing in CO was spent at the little eiger in clear creek canyon, Golden. They call that rock 'granite'. Sort of a joke.. when compared to what I have been living on. My first sport climbing in 6 months (okay maybe not that long). I still have my trad head on.. and really REALLY don't want to fall.. even though my last bolt is at my waist, the bolt before that is at my knees, and the bolt before that is at my feet. It was nice to spend a day climbing something that wasn't so serious.. we could retreat back to the car on a moments notice. 

The next day we went climbing at this place called Ra, in empire. I went with Mike, Chris, and two other ladies.. I don't remember their names. Chris and I had planned on climbing this 4 pitch 5.12b called windows of the world, or WOW. 

I'm still hung over from the exposure, the height, the scariness, the seriousness, the.... whatever.. I'm just not recovered mentally. So I let Chris lead every pitch. I followed every pitch, and was scared... yea.. I wasn't even leading and I was scared. That's how I know I'm not back to normal. He hung and yarded on every single shiny bolt. I got up the first 3 pitches without pulling on any draws, and only falling a few times. I had the most trouble on the 12b second pitch, I couldn't figure out one of the moves and fell several times. When we got to pitch 4 I was a baby and pulled on the second and third draw.... I'm mad at myself for doing that. 

Chris and I on WOW

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